Thursday, November 06, 2014

GE13: Clean and Fair? The verdict of the People’s Tribunal

I spend last night at the Bersih forum on " Verdict of the Peopl's Tribunal"  on GE 13. I also bought a hard copy of their report.

The Tribunal's report is published and the findings I am told is posted in the Bersih website ( ) and you can also buy a copy. The conclusion ( or verdict as they called it is obvious. There was widespread fraud, almost at every level. The only level left unhindered was that you could go, and cast your vote, fairly freely. All other stages of the electoral process was flawed and there was good evidence. Non of the court cases challenging ever got to open court. They were all thrown out at the preliminary stages through some technicality and excuse.

The following in the final verdict, found in pg 65 of the Report.

So what can be done. GE 13 was stolen from the people.

Of course most of the discussion last night at the forum was, What then shall we do? Especially with GE 14 facing us, and the electoral delineation exercise about to take place before the end of 2014.

Some were focusing on how to garner people's support to object to the proposed delineation ( DART program ), noting that ALL previous delineation have always resulted in boundaries favouring the ruling party, and thus resulting in landslide victory for the ruling party at the next GE. Some were in favour of greater publicity for electoral boundaries that were free and fair ( Tindak Malaysia ). Some were in favour of asking opposition MPs to be more vigilant in Parliament, as delineation with increase in seats would require the support of 2/3 in Parliament ( meaning support of the opposition ). I was in support of getting the people's support through peaceful street demonstration ( people's power ), to get the ruling party to listen and not mess around with the delineation.

Whatever it is, we have to uphold the Federal Constitution, 13th Schedule.

Whatever it is, we should all return to the Rukun Negara and uphold it, together with the Federal Constitution.


Winston Yap said...

It's an immutable fact that the ruling party just cannot afford to lose any GE!!
To do so would mean being answerable to the people for whatever they have done.
The opposition, on the other hand can do quite a lot to ensure cleanliness in GEs by trying to obtain photographic evidence of wrongdoings at the counting booths, for example.
Hidden cameras, handphone cameras etc can be used to record any shenanigans and small led flashlights can be easily carried for lighting up the booths when there is an "outage" of electricity.
Also try to get renowned international jurists to witness the whole election process from start to finish.
Finally, to negate the delineation exercise and even swing it to the advantage of the opposition, get as many Malays and other natives, especially those who have folks living in the rural areas of both West & East Malaysia to spread the word that this country is not what it is made out to be.
Let them know what ails the country and what the opposition can do to right the situation, not only for this generation but also for future generations!!!
Seems like a very tall order but it can be done!!!!
Remember: A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
And it's not too soon before the next GE.
Thank you.

hmatter said...

will you help us to go outstation and photograph the new electoral boundaries when EC presents them for viewing