Monday, November 10, 2014


The Election commission has announced that they intend to table in Parliament the new electoral boundaries for GE 14  However, they would not allow Tindak Malaysia or Bersih to have copies of the new electoral boundaries, even if they wish to pay for it. Just to make it difficult, these new maps will be presented to Parliament and placed in the various constituencies where they can be viewed. There is no soft copy.
So both Tindak Malaysia and Bersih have launch a campaign to look for volunteers to form groups of 3-4 people, to visit all the electoral constituencies and physically take pictures of all the new maps and bring them back to HQ, where they can be studied to see where the Gerry Meandering is so that we can go to court to dispute the new boundaries. All these work within 30 days.
This is all in line with the Federal Constitution.
We must uphold the Federal Constitution, especially 13th Schedule.
We need volunteers who can spare 3 days to help do this work. It helps if you have a driving licence and is good at photography.

If you are interested, please contact me at

Thank you. In any democracy, we must have clean, free and fair elections.

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