Tuesday, November 04, 2014

DAP Fund Raising Dinner. 3rd NOV 2014.

I spend last night attending the DAP fund raising dinner. A very big affair boosting 110 tables booked for the evening at PJ Civic Center. Thank God there was no rain, so trafficwas smooth. I carpooled and we reached at 7.15pm and there was no longer any parking space at the Civic Center and we had to park by the houses on top of the hill. I had organised to fill 2 "Gold" tables, with my medic colleagues and some business people.

It was speeches after speeches. Saudara LGE spoke well, highlighting the "Bible Burning Issue" an of course the new MB of Selangor Azmin Ali spoke and he outlined his plan for Selangor during his term. All in the poster spoke, so the meeting lasted till 11.30pm. Tong Pua ( organising chairman for this dinner ) spoke last, outline the 1MDB issue. Gosh, how did a responsible PM and Chairman of IMDB advisory board, allowed 1MDB to accumulate so much debt. If Tony is correct, we will be paying this debt till the next generation. Some more no accounts for the last 2 years. A company holding debts of billions with no accounts shown. How can this be? ROC where are you? Nowadays, we hear of borrowing by the billions, and eating by the billions. Some more money park in Cayman Island where are the darling company accounts cannot be scrutinised. Sounding more and more like a scam, except that the Government of Malaysia stands guarantor ( thru some legal papers ). I am really worried for 1MDB.

Anyway, it looks like DAP is trying to groom up a new set of younger leaders. Still very raw, I must say. Last night was a good effort. I hope that DAP managed to raise a lot of money. I must say that the floor collection was ( to me ) disappointing. About RM 20+K only.

I expect that from now till GE 14, there will be about 5-6 more fund raising. It gets more challenging as the economy gets slower and times get harder for the man in the street.

All in all it was a good time. I learn many new things, prime of which is " How can a responsible government allow one of its crony companies to accumulate so much debt? I thing I am right to say that they have not shown an profits yet, after 4 years in operations. They sure have shown plenty of debt.

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