Friday, June 21, 2013


Last night we had a medical group committee meeting to organise the medical support for tomorrow's "Black 505 Rally". More details have now emerged.

We fully support the aim
  1. That the present EC must step down, as they have lost the trust of the rakyat after conducting and unfair, dirty, and non-free GE13.
  2. That where sufficient evidence ( in the eyes of a common Malaysian ) is presented, by-elections should be called.
  3. No delineation without a change in the whole EC committee. This makes sense, otherwise, the whole charade will recur in another 5 years, and we are cheated again.
The main committee expects a crowd of about 200K people.

Our role tomorrow is to ensure that should anyone in the vacinity of Padang Merbok, need medical attention ( be they rally goers, or police personnel, or just public paser bys ), we will render medical aid to the best of our ability.
We have raised a strong medical team with some 10 specialist in attendance.

There will be a field hospital at the western end, so that exit by ambulance will be easier, considering the large crowd expected. This field hospital ( saw a picture ), is well equipped with AEDs and 2 ambulances on standby. It is a shame, that the government has directed HKL and SJA not to co-operate with providing ambulance support. What happens if there are casualties? Can the government just ignore a citizen in need, whatever his political position is?
Anyway, besides the main camp at Padang Merbok, there will 4 other medical teams, one each at Masjid Negara, Dataran Merdeka, Sogo and Menara Maybank.
My team has been appointed  to man the Menara Maybank and Sogo stations.
We will have first aid kits, nebulisers, AEDs and some anti-tear gas tools ( just in case we have some unfriendly opposition ).

The main event starts at 2pm ( we are told to be at our stations by 12 noon ), and finishes at 6pm. After 6 PM, some NGOs have decided to stay back and hold their events overnight till Sunday and then till Monday. I said that we will support the main event on 22nd June 2013, but will not be able to commit to a full support for the Sunday / Monday extension.

We are for non-violence. I read yesterday
                Good news is - the Olympic Council has postponed their run due to "haze".
                The bad news is, - one top cop has said that they are working with the army, in case they need the army's help. I think that this comment is unnecessary. There will not be any violence, if the Police do not provoke it. We have a track record of about 10 rallies with thousands assembled, to prove it,

Let us all hope that good sense will prevail.
They widespread fraud in GE 13 must be corrected. Those who masterminded the cheating, must be held accountable, to the full weight of the law.



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