Monday, June 17, 2013


My old clinic building at 29-31 was sold ffective 1st April 2013.
Undr the terms and agreement, we have 6 months to move out. As I wish to continue working ( I enjoy my work ), I decided to relocate to an available shoplot about 22 shops down the same road, to 75 JLN SS 15/5A.

                                                                   No 75, Jln SS 15/5A
                                                                   Ng Cardiac Clinic
A simple shoplot clinic that is safe and for patientcare.
It is a landmark event for me, so I thought that I will post it.
Together with me are two tenants, Famarsi SJ, and Subang Womens Scan. Both friendly parties who just like to provide service with minimal profit.
I need a Pharmacy, as I prescribe but does not dispense. I am a strong advocate that patient must make the choice, and it should not be by legislation.
Lets hope that we can get along well, and be happy in our new home.


Winston said...

Dr Ng, please allow me to digress.
I think that there is a serious need to make Malaysians aware of having a colonoscopy to scan for colon polyps.
Many of them may be unaware that it is necessary, especially for those aged fifty and above.
This is perhaps the best way to check for colon polyps and have them cleared to prevent them developing into something serious.
An open ended campaign should be conducted to bring awareness to as wide a section of the public as possible so as to prevent a very preventable disease.
Also, those who have done the scope can spread the word to their friends and relatives who are in the age group that requires it.

AmyWongJiaHui said...

Dear Dr Ng,

Wish to congratulate for your new clinic opening!! ^_^