Monday, June 24, 2013

BLACKOUT 505. 22nd JUNE 2013

Yes, we were at the Padang Merbok area on the afternoon of 22nd June 2013.
I started the morning attending the MPCAM Annual Scientific meeting cum AGM on the morning of 22nd June. I left them at about 11.30am to proceed to Tung Shin Hospital where I parked my car. At about 12.30pm, I took a few members of the team to have a light lunch. at the Petaling Street area. We reach our destination, SOGO at about 1.30pm. The hazewas quite thick. I estimated API at about 200-250.
The crowd in the Pudu area was sparse. There were probably more Police than Rally goers. But the crowd at the Sogo area was big, I estimated about 10,000 strong. They were chanting and I was told that Tian Chua had just given a speech.

We waited at the Sogo station for further instructions. The crowd began to move at about 2.30pm heading for Padang Merbok. We received instructions to move from Sogo to Padang Merbok about 15 mins later.
On the way to Padang Merbok, somewhere near the Dataran Merdeka area, we stopped for a group photo.
                                                        Medic Team 3 for Blackout 505
After that we proceeded on to Padang Merbok, arriving there at about 4pm. We were outside. The filed was not full. The whole crowd was probably about 30,000 people at the height, mainly crammed to the north west end of Padang Merbok, nearer the Bkt Aman end.
The whole affair was tamed by Bersih 3.0 standards. No tear gas or water cannon. Just one medical emergency ( chest pains, send to hospital ) by my other group colleagues.
There was one minor scuffle with DBKL officers who decided to remove camp at the height of the Rally at about 5.15pm.
I did a few walk around the filed, and all was well.
The last speech finished at about 6PM. I think the last speaker was either YB Lim Kit Siang or DSAI.
The crowd dismiss peacefully at about 6pm.
Then the youth decided to put up their tents. I could count about 30+ tents.
We had a short debriefing to gather reports, and then we also dismissed at about 6.30pm after a group photo ( I have yet to receive a copy ).
All in all, peaceful. Too dull in fact. Of course it was hot, humid and stuffy. The size of the crowd was not quite what we expected, but it is understandable, given the haze.

I went back on Sunday at about 3pm after the KGNS AGM, to have a look. The medic team on duty was there at the north end of Pdg Merbok, attending to some patients with breathing difficulties.
I am not sure what the situation is this morning.

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