Friday, June 19, 2015


 Interesting. The issue of " Is chocolates good for you?", has come back again, in view of athe releas of an article in the Heart, online edition June 15 2015.
Dr Kwok Chun Shing and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, published their findings on Habitual chocolate eating and cardiovascular disease. They used the data from the UK's EPIC-Norfolk Study. This study involved about 21,000 UK citizens, who had 12 years follow up. There was a questionaire, including the amount of chocolates that each subject consumed. The researchers found that those who consume chocolate, after 12 years had a 11% reduction in risk of coronary heart disease, 25% reduction of CV death and most importantly 23% reduction of strokes. What is even more interesting was the finding that it did not really matter whether it was dark bitter cocoa full chocolates or white chocolates.

There was another study released almost the same time of 155,000 subjects, in USA which showed basically the same findings.
Neither of the studies, studied the reason why. So it is essentially a correlation.

It sure looks like we should all eat more chocolates.
So now we have nuts and chocolates are good for your heart. Will we eat Cardiologists out of a job?


Winston Yap said...

They may eat cardiologists out of a job but on the other hand dibetologists will be having a roaring business due to the high quantity of sugar eaten!!
I think that dying of a heart attach is preferable to dying of diabetes.
What with the losing of the limbs in between?

hmatter said...

Hi Winston, that did not seem to show in these two latest study. The increase weight gain and risk of T2DM was shown in earlier studies.
I must say that reading in between the lines, I would play safe and eat dark chocolates.