Tuesday, May 05, 2015

REMEMBERING May 5th 2013.

Remember how on 5th May 2013, we went to vote in GE 13. Then we went to catch illegal voters ( the banglas ). I was in Pantai Dalam. In the evening we ate our dinner quickly and watch the GE 13 results.
From 9pm - 12 midnight, we were thrilled as we were well on the way to an upset victory, as the results came in. Bentong we were in the lead ( slim ) and in Segamat we were also in the lead ( clim ). As the night went on, we knew that sinister forces were at work. In Lembah Pantai the Proton car with extra ballot boxes ( look alike )  were seized by supporters of YB Nurul. Then the story about the re-counts in Teluk Intan and how Police had escorted the opposition candidates out while the recounts were being made, resulting in a BN victory.
All over the country, early gains were being reversed under "suspicious" circumstances. That resulted in a BN victory by seats and a PR victory by popular votes.
If you remember and still feel anger at how we were cheated in GE 13, please wear BLACK today, in protest. This is BLACK 505.

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