Saturday, May 02, 2015


I was out in Masjid Jamek again to provide medical cover for the May 1st Labour Day Rally.
I arrived at my meeting point with my team, at about 1.40pm. I choose  the entrance of OCBC Bank at the Masjid Jamek LRT station because it was easy to find and also near my area of responsibility, which was Dataran Maybank.
When I first reach my meeting point, there was almost no one ( except for the usual people ). However, soon, by 2pm, the crowd had increased. St 2pm I went in search of Dataran Maybank, as it was quite confusing to me with Menara Maybank and Dataran Maybank. I did reach Dataran Maybank and found virtually no protesters, but quite a few Nepalis. Along the way back to Majid, I was handed my walkie talkie for effective communication.
By the time I reach back to Masjid Jamek, the crowd at OCBC Bank was large. I guess about
 2-3,000. As the crowd grew, we were getting worried and looking out for the FRU. From Bersih 3.0, were learned that large crowd will bring out the water cannon and tear gas. Small crowd, they will not bother.

I waited there for instructions. And soon, a large crowd joined us from the Tung Shin end. This was the DAP crowd. On the head lorry, I could recognise YB Antony Loke and also saudara Wong Tack.

After some wait, we walked towards Dataran Merdeka, following the crowd. At the Dataran Merdeka, we waited quite long. I believe the leaders of the protest group was negotiating with the Police to gather in Dataran Merdeka. I believe that permission was denied. I was told that we were walking to KLCC. It was during this time, that a diabetic man fainted and had a fit. He was hypoglycemic and was revived with some ice cream.
Even as we started to walk towards KLCC ( in fact one group had already reached KLCC ), we saw a large group from Sogo, walking back to Dataran Merdeka, being led by a lorry with flags and singing. They were heading to Dataran Merdeka. So I waited. A small medic team had in fact followed the first group to KLCC.
I waited to follow the end of these people who were still mingling around in Dataran Merdeka. Finally, I was informed that we were all to walk to KLCC. It was during this time of waiting that I saw some smoke bomb ( orange color ) going off. I did not like it as it dirtied the atmosphere.

Finally we walk to KLCC, arriving there at about 5pm.
After some speeches, and with a parting prayer, we dismissed, probably at about 5.30pm.
                                             The Medic Team for May 1st, anti-GST Rally.
As far as I could see, there was no untoward incident. My medical team was actually getting quite bored. No action.
When we were dismissed, I returned my walkie talkie, when for a drink with my team, and then headed home.
Tiring but another job done.
I hear when I reached home, that many at the Rally was arrested and there were allegations that we were violent and vandalised public property. I did not witness any of that except the harmless smoke bombs going off at Dataran Merdeka area.
The Police should have just arrested those damaging public property, there and then. Otherwise, one wonders whether these were staged incidents to justify the post Rally arrest and detentions.

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