Sunday, March 29, 2015


This weekend we bad farewell to a legend the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He was indeed a great Hakka. He was totally committed to his vision for Singapore. He live, eat, breath and sleep Singapore. God gave him a special vision. But perfect he was not, as many who did not agree with him found out.
Rest in Peace LKY.

Besides the passing of legend LKY, this weekend is also black, because the PDRM is arresting opposition politicians at will and humiliating them Why is there a need to handcuff YB Rafizi? He is not a criminal. He had been fully co-operative and had a track record of co-operating with the Police. Why? Why? Why the need to handcuff and parade him? Do not worry PDRM, these kinds of attitude will back fire. We are waiting for GE 14. This will spur us to work harder. And they have to abduct Hishamudin Rais in full view of the public, on Saturday, just to fetch him to Dang Wangi? What kind of country have we become? He has never resisted arrest. You know where he is? Just ask him to follow you, that's all! We are a failed state where we abduct people and make them disappear. It could happen to me, or to you. This country is now rule by law and some are persecuted. There is no longer rule of law. This is very sat. As John F Keneddy said " when you make peaceful protest impossible, you will make violent protest inevitable."

The black box is also for a very humiliating weekend for me as I oversaw the "Weekend Seminar in Cardiology and Diabetes for GPs 2015". I am very upset. I did put in my usual effort, but it sure was not good enough. We saw an attendance of about 250-300 on Saturday afternoon and evening. This morning, we saw about 150-200 in the main hall. This is just not good enough. We are used to  registering 800-900 and attendance of 500-600 on Saturday and 300-400 on Sundays. I spend the whole weekend trying to analyse what went wrong in an event which we have successfully held for 13 years running, this being our 14th Year. Of course, the well wishers who wanted to console me said that it was the timing, "ching ming", many meeting all over the city and country, many doctors and family were preparing for GST next week. I am sure that there is some truth in all those reasons. But as I analyse the run up and what happened this weekend, it is obvious that the organising committee ( for which I am responsible ) made some strategic mistakes. We had appointed a secretariat that failed to fulfill their responsibilities, but yet was prepared to tell me that they had. I was very angry that I was lied to. Recruitment and registration too was not our usual, and not enough was done to recruit doctors. I have learned my lessons and must be more careful next time. Maybe I assumed too much. I should have been more meticulous in checking and double checking the details myself.. This time, I invited Edaran Tan Chong Motors to be one of our sponsors to ry and raise non-Pharma money. I hope that the doctors can accept that.

So I had a tough time trying to right the many surprises that appeared. It was not a nice weekend for me. I was fire fighting, something which I never like to do.

On the surface, the meeting went well. Besides a low turn out, the lectures were ok and the breakout sessions were OK. Pullman food this time was below par and yet the cost was high. I also wasted a lot of food.

Well I learned my lesson. I must exercise greater care in choosing the secretariat, as I do not have the time now to check all the details, myself. I trusted my helpers and this time, I was badly let down.
I accept responsibility and I have learned my lesson.
I am glad the weekend is over.

Now, we move on to plan for the next FPMPAM Sarawak Medical Camp scheduled for end May. There is much work to be done.

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Winston Yap said...

Hi Doc,
I think that LKY's legacy would have been perfect had he not been so harsh on his critics, especially the opposition.
In fact, some of his opponents had been bankrupted more than once by being sued by the government!!
Some were also being sued by the WHOLE LKY cabinet!!
But say what you want, he really cared about Singapore and Singaporeans.
On our local political front, it seems that all systems go for the toppling of the current PM; even one ex PM has come out being very critical about the incumbent.
And as far as PR is concerned a lot of things will depend on the coming PAS election in May.
It's quite certain that the technocrats will most probably form a new party allied to the PR or move over the the PKR or DAP.
That is the best thing that can happen since sliced bread!!!
Doc, in fact all it takes is for one good guy to come forward and the whole country can be changed.
The most notable example was Deng Siow Peng of China.
Just he alone can launch the whole country on the road to prosperity.
Undoubtedly, a lot of glaring ineqality and such still exists but China as it is, is many, many times better than it ever was under the Communists.
Best regards,