Monday, March 09, 2015

#KitaLawan 307

I spend yesterday afternoon from 2.30pm till 6.15 pm at town center with the #KitaLawan 307 rally.
I arived at Masjid Jamek LRT exit ( near OCBC bank ) at about 2.30pm. My medic team there comprise Dr Tan GM, Dr Steve Wong and nurse Katerine. This was the scene that greeted me as I exit the LRT station. The whole Jln Tun Perak was partially blocked till one lane on each side.

The VIPs for us to look after was YB Nurul Izzah, YB Nik Nazmi and YB Teo. I must say that throughout the rally, I only saw YB Nurul speaking at Sogo. Obviously the arrangements were rather loose. Anyway, as I was hunting high and low for them, the sky began to turn dark. ( As I left Sunway after a meeting at 2pm the sky was bright and hot ). A about 4 pm the instructions came for us to move and walk towards Sogo. So we walked and the group from Pasar Seni joined us. As we came near Sogo, another group join us, probably the group from PAS HQ. I estimated the crowd at about 7,000 although my colleague felt that it was nearer 10,000. What was obvious was the absence of the PAS fraction.  I thought I saw a few Amal Unit. There was a very healthy number of Chinese ) more than usual for demos, in my experience ). There was a significant number of Indians and of course the majority were Malays.I am so sorry to have to think in terms of race, but that appeared almost as a matter of fact.

At Sogo, there were speeches. I stationed one team at the south end and I went to the north end near the KFC traffic lights. While at the Sogo supermarket, the thunder came and the firecrackers came. I could make out Nurul giving a speech and I thought I heard Kak Wan as well. I could not see and the crowd was thick at my end. Then the drizzle began and we started to walk towards KLCC. We walked and sang until we reached the junction where the traffic lights are. There Dr KB Ng joined us, having just returned from Indonesia. Then some speeches and then we moved into the KLCC compound for more sounds and singing. Then they sang terima kaseh and slowly the crowd dispersed. When the crowd was thin, I dismiss the team and allow them to go home. We were all tired.

We went into KLCC for a rest and a drink. Then we took the LRT back to Taman Jaya to collect my car and gave Dr KB Ng a ride home.
I would like to say that I could identify DAP ADUN Rajiv at the rally. I also saw YB Ong KM, ADUN Ng SL. I notice the DAPDSY and some of my friends from Impian Sarawak and some were carrying the DAP flag. We were remarking that the flags were not high enough. Yes, the DAP was represented.
I was heartened to see the decent size crowd. In fact as I was at the Sunway meeting before going to Masjid Jamek, I received pics ( thru whats app) of FRU trucks heading to KL from Putrajaya. On the whole, the Police were there directing traffic and helping us. They were pleasant and not abusive. We chatted and got along well.
The spirit and mood for change is still there very much so. The songs they sang and the voice and toen. There are some very angry Malaysian youths out there. Although we say that the rally is for DSAI's release and also calling for PM to step down, I believe that the rally was just as much a ventilation of their severe frustration with what is happening in the country, All the scandals and corruption. Anyway, we will leave that for another day.
I have been warned that more rallies are planned in KL.  I suppose there is a price to pay, for fighting injustice. DSAI in prison for us, and we out here fighting for his freedom and also to bring down a corrupt regime.

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