Saturday, March 07, 2015

#Kita Lawan. 7th March 2015.

 The event for today.
Looks like an international event, the base is here. I must say that I wish that they have chosen a better name like #Keadilan.

DAPSY is lending our full support to this Saturday's #KitaLawan rally at Sogo, KL and we hope that you'll be joining us. 

These are the details:
1) Come in BLACK!
2) Gather at Masjid Jamek in Kuala Lumpur at 3pm on 7 March 2015;
3) Follow instructions of our security team (Unit Amal dan Skuad AMK) who will be at the scene to guide and protect all participants;
4) Do not in any way confront the authority - let the security team deal with them;
5) Bring as many friends as possible, follow Democratic Action party's Facebook or #KitaLawan FB ( or Twitter @KitaLawan_my for updates & spread the words.

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