Monday, September 15, 2014


Tomorrow is Malaysia Day. This should be our National Day. It was the day our Sarawak and Sabah brothers and sisters join us to form the Federation of Malaysia, 16th September 1963.

Just to remind us all.
                 After 51 years of Malaysia.
                 Borrowing a line from Charles Dickens -
                                         It is the best of times, we have seen tremendous progress of iconic buildings and disconnected monorails / LRT services, a so called "booming economy" propped up by great household debt. A government trumpeting economic numbers that many have trouble trying to understand as things on the ground is a far cry from things declared in Putrajaya.
                                          It is the worse of times , as we become a laughing stock to the world, with one country, two Allahs, laws meant for prosecution are used selectively to become laws for persecution. The constitution challenged with impunity with government tacit support. It is the worse of times, when clicking "like" in a facebook page can be deemed as seditious. When we have many "hot crimes" without criminals.
We must all come together and remember the Philosophy of Malaysia as stated in our Rukun Negara.
We must believe in God. Please call it whatever name you wish, but believe in God. I will respect your Allah, and you please respect mine too. I will be loyal to the king and our country and I hope that the Kings will also be loyal to king and country. The Constitution is SUPREME and so also the RULE OF LAW ( not rule by law ). We must have mutual respect for each other as fellow Malaysians and have good social behaviour.
We are all Malaysians first and only Malaysians. Let not the racist politicians divide us.

We are all one, a Malaysian 

I was born here and I will die here. I hope that I do not have to die saving my country from pseudo-Malaysians who are out to divide us. 
Please come and join us for a morning picnic.
16h September 2014
8.30 am - 10 am
Taman Jaya, PJ

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