Thursday, September 11, 2014


I was at UM campus yesterday to be with the students at their mini demo next to the UM bus station.

Also there with the students ( at least those that I could recognise ) were Nurul Izzah ( looks like crowd favourate posing fo pics all the time ), Rafizi, Ong Kian Meng and Haris Ibrahim. There may be other YBs that I may not have notice. We small people stand at a corner.
The crowd must be about 300-400 mainly students. Looks like there were some outsiders.
We all left after singing the Negara-Ku.
When you are there, it is heart warming to see these young ones speaking, walking and taking up the challenge against a corrupt and abusive government. I only hope that they were persevere and persist in their strive to build a new Malaysia.
They made a severe mistake detaining so many under the Sedition Act. And an even bigger mistake, charging a law lecturer, who teaches the young minds. That is a severe mistake which I am sure thay will regret.

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