Monday, December 16, 2013


About 10 of us, all volunteer specialist, were in Teluk Kemang yesterday morning, between 10am-1pm to run a healthcamp in support of the PKR ADUN of that locale. The ADUN in that locale, Mr M Ravi came out to welcome us, and also Ms Elizabeth Wong, Selangor state exco member.
We saw about 170 patients. ( not as many as in the Klang Valley ), But we noted a few differences. Here the population is more mixed, with a healthy mix of all the races, although Malays do predominate slightly, but not by alot.
There were quite a few interesting cases. I saw a young man with classical angina, and a young lady with a strong family history of CAD ( one bro died suddenly, one brother had angioplasty and one brother had CABG, and the father died suddenly at 54yrs old ). There was a lady with a significant breast lump.However, as we were denied use of a community hall nearby, we were working by the main road, and the make shift tent was steaming hot. We were all sweating profusely.
Amongst us, looks like the busiest people were the optician and the dentist. They were working non-stop from the word go till 2pm ( pass hour ).
Whilst working, a gentleman came by. He is from Melaka, and he made a request or us to run a healthcamp in Melaka, I referred him to the healthcamp co-ordinator. Looks like we need to adopt certain criteria, otherwise we will be swamped with request. It is good to help but we must also make sure that it benefits the people, in the longer term.

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