Monday, October 21, 2013


Over the weekend, the Swiss custom authorities in Zurich airport  seized  400 Kg worth of counterfeit Xanax pills that was passing through Zurich airport, en route from China to Egypt.

Xanax is an anti-anxiety pill, manufactured b Pfizer for the treatment of severe anxiety. It is quite good. I do prescribe for my severely anxious patients sometimes. The fake ones were said to look exactly like the original and unless studied carefully, one cannot tell it apart. Looks like a genuine imitation. It obviously contain no "alprazolam".
Looks like the Chinese are very good at faking products from golf clubs to pills.
The other interesting point to note is that the Egyptians are consuming a lot of alprazolam. There must be a real demand for it, given the current political climate in Egypt.
Well done Swiss Customs. Shame on you China. So sorry Pfizer. Take care Egypt. We hope that peace comes to you soon.

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