Monday, October 14, 2013


On Thursday night, with the heavy rain, I attended the DAP Impian Sarawak Fund Raising dinner.
Because of the heavy rain, traffic jam was all over the place. I left house early so got there on time. My guest from Saujana and KL, was late by almost 90 mins. The dinner was held indoors ( thank God ) at the MPPJ Civic Hall.

                                                   YB Tony Pua, sitting quietly, waiting for the room to fill up.
The organisers decided to start speeches and dinner at abut 8.15pm ( about 45 mins late ).
Food was catered by the Sekinchan caterers. They have now got quite a reputation for fast, efficient delivery of good, delicious, hot steaming food, of consistent standard even while catering for 100-300 tables a night. They have so many waiters and waitresses to help. They also catered for the Beautiful Gate Fund raising dinner which I was also invited, and the recent Hospice Klang Fund Raising dinner which I was also invited.
I digress.
Among the speakers for the evening was YB Theresa Kok, ADUN Ms Yeo, Mr John Antony from Sarawak, YB Chong from Sarawak, YB Lim Kit Siang and to close the evening YB Tony Pua.
                                                    YB Lim Kit Siang speaking
I thought that the highlight of the evening was the testimony of the young people who raised their own funds to go into Kampong Sait ( interior of Sarawak ) to build a simple water piping system for the villagers. A few of the youngsters were on stage to receive their certificates and also share their testimonies of life amongst the villagers. It was really touching.

( Sorry, this time the pics did not come out ).

The evening closed at about 10.30 pm ( I think ). I believe that DAP raised quite a large amount of money to start of their DAP Impian Sarawak and hopefully also their Malaysian Dream.
Its about time, that DAP MPs in Peninsular Malaysia each adopt a Sarawak constituency and look after them, provide all forms of help, in a run up to GE 14.
Sarawak is very important because it holds the largest number of parliamentary seats and capturing 50% or more of those seats will make our Malaysian Dream possible. Without Sarawak, it will remain impossible.

My friends and I are also seriously thinking how to organise HealthCamps there to help the villagers in the interior.

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