Monday, August 12, 2013


Ca breast is the no 1 malignancy in females in Malaysia. If discovered early, the cure rate is good. To do this and even more, if preventable, it is even better.
Researchers in US have made an important observation which will need to be further confirmed and studied.
Dr Christopher Li and colleagues from the Fred Hutchinson's Cancer Research Center, Seattle, published a paper in the Journal Of the American Medical Association, Internal Medicine.
They looked into the registry of the Seattle area Epidermiology and End Results Surveillance to identify females age 55-74 yrs who were on anti hypertensive therapy and who were on follow up of 10 yrs or more. Amongst these they interviewed 2,763 patients. 850 had intraductal Ca Breast, 1.027 had intralobular Ca Breast and 865 served as controls.
They found that amongst those taking calcium channel blockers, there was greater than 2 fold increase in the incidence of Ca Breast, while those taking ACE-I had a significant reduction in incidence of C Breast.
This data is alarming.
The magnitude of increase and reduction is staggering.

It would appear that long term calcium channel blockers does pose a significant risk for Ca Breast. However, we will need more research into this area, as both hypertension in females in this age group and also Ca Breast is common.

For the moment, I am still using CCB in females at that age group.

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