Monday, August 19, 2013


We spend 7 hours a day sleeping, 49hours a week, 217 hours a month and 2,555 hours a year. In fact about one third of our lifespan is spent sleeping. Yet, for many many  years, we have not done much research to understand sleep and its importance. However, since the new millennium, much work has been done and we now understand sleep much better, especially its healing aspects for the body. How sleep is so very important for the body to rest, heal and restore itself.


Many of us go to bed ( to sleep ) at about 11-12 midnight and wake up at about 6-7am. Some a bit earlier, some a bit later. Do you know what happens between 11pm till 6am, when your eyes are closed? Much work has been done, using the EEG ( electro-encephalogram ) to study our brain electrical waves ( which tells us what is happening in the brain ), and video monitoring to correlate the brain waves with what is happening to the sleep subject, since they are both monitored simultaneously.
Using these sleep EEG studies,  we know that our body / brain undergoes 4 stages ( some say 5 stages initially, but have now combine stage 3 and 4 ) of differing brain activities. We call it stage 1, 2, 3 (these are non REM ) and Stage 4  REM sleep.