Thursday, May 09, 2013


Yes, I was at this rally yesterday night,again forming a medical team to assist in providing emergency medical aid, and yesterday, there was plenty of it.
I arrived there at about 8pm, having parked my car at the KGNS golf club ( where I am a member ), and walking the 1+ Km to the Kelana Jaya stadium. As God would have it, it was raining a heavy drizzle and more a nuisance than a threat. I was travelling with Dr Steve Wong, Plastic Surgeon,

                        This was the stadium at 8pm, at the entrance to the Emergency gate 1.

When I was on the way, I rang the medical team co-ordinator to arrange to meet. They were at the a little basement below the central stage. I did not know where that was, so I decided to park myself at the Emerg gate 1, and asked him to come to me. At 8pm, the filed was only about half full, so I could walk about. It was noisy. Mr Genta, the co-ordinator came and we met up. Then we went to collect our medic team vest and also meet the senior medical officer, Dr Azrin, to receive instruction. My other 3 members have yet to arrive.

                                             8pm at Emergency gate 1, Kelana Jaya stadium.
About 9 pm, 2 more members reach me, Mr Danny and Dr Tan
 The crowd was rapidly building up and so I asked them to take a walk to the east side of the stadium. Dr Roland and team was covering the south side of the stadium. The main station was at the west side of the stadium. I was at the North side of the stadium. Little did I know that all these planning would be useless, as the crowd swell so big and fast that after a while, I could not move out of the little enclosure at the North side. It was body to body and the sweat smell was significant, and it was humid and stuffy.
                                 The crowd at 9pm. Dr Tan and Dr Wong, is facing the stadium.
                                                      Next to Emergency gate 1.

                              The crowd at Emergency Gate 1, at 10 pm. It was body to body.
                                I tried to take a patrol to the south gate area. Impossible. I could not advance more than 5 feet. So I gave out and shifted my station to join the main station, at the main entrance. By this time, our cell phones were not working. There was no network coverage, and so we lost communications, not that we could communicate earlier. It was so noisy with the Voo.............vela thingy, that you cannot have any decent conversation.
                                     The crowd outside the stadium, near the main entrance.
                                                        The crowd outside the stadium.
The crowd was quite amazing , and they kept coming and coming till 11pm. many went home to watch on you tube. At the peak, I estimate about 100K rakyat. They were of all races, Chinese, Malays and Indians. manily young men and women, ages between 20-40 years, form the bulk. Every now and then, you will see an elderly couple. There was no racial barrier. One Malays man thank me and another young Malay youth, offered me water. They also help to carry some of the unwell to shades. No there was no race barrier last night.
As I walked, I also met many newly elected MPs who were there. Dr Lee Boon Chye, Dr Tan Kee Kwong, Mr Rafizi, and Mr Tian Chua,
When I started my perimeter ( outside ) patrolling, I attended to 4 cases, two looks like stuffiness and faints ( vaso-vagal) or hunger. One was an asthmatic attack, and thank God, I had a Ventolin Inhaler which I gave to her, and after she improved, and thank me, I left. The last was most interesting. This young man was having an acute convulsion like attack, in clear consciousness. I reckon that it was severe anxiety. I was worried that it could have been a drug reaction of some sort. He was young, fit / muscular with some tatoo marks. Anyway, after some reassurances and water, he cooled down, and requested that the ambulance get him to the nearest medical center for observation. When he was better, he said that he had a past history of these attacks.
One important observation that Dr Wong and me made was that throughout the whole night, we DID NOT even see one policeman, not that we miss them. Not one blue shirt? maybe they were concern, that coming in their blue shirt may made them compliant with Anwar's call for black Saturday. The other observation was that despite having 100K people in a stadium, no untoward incident ( I mean violence ) happened. Of course the Unit Amal was there to direct traffic. Everything was calm and peaceful. So we have showed by 2 rallies, KL 121 and Himpunan Kemerahan Rakyat, that we can gather and disperse peacefully if the Police do not go bash us up like in Bersih 3.0 
I left my duty at about 11.45pm last night and walked back to KGNS to collect my car. The whole road leading to KGNS was like a giant carpark, with cars parked all at the center of the road, facing both directions.
                              Cars along the KGNS road. It was gridlock. Nothing can move.
When I reach KGNS, I went to explore to see why cars cannot move. Obviously, in the direction from KGNS to old airport road, cars were trapped because of their bad parking and some cars stall. The traffic light also favours those who parked at the stadium. For those cars parked facing the LDP exit from KGNS, they cannot move as LDP was jammed, I was told also by cars badly parked. So we all waited. I walked back to my car in KGNS, asked my colleague to get the husband to fetch us home. Dr Ang stays in Saujana, so he came to give us a lift home.
I finally got home at 2.30am, and after reading some important emails, when to bed at 3am.
Now having some hang-over. But it was great, to see so many, so peacefully assembled in one place for a common cause. I must say that I hardly heard the speeches. No time. I did a fair amount of work.
All in a day's work, I suppose. They stole the election from us, and we want them to know that and right the system too.

For those of you who did not come, you miss something great for you and the country. You miss an important chapter in our history.


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