Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, today is 13th May 2013. It is juts naother day, although some would like to frighten us and say otherwise. It is just another day.
More importantly, it is one week after 5th May 2013, or GE 13 day. many of us are still suffering from depression and sleeplessness, as we still cannot complete our grieve reaction and understand how a government can go so low as to steal an election at the last minute, or let me say, last few hours.
Let me recollect.

Before 5th may 2013, we knew of the Gerry Meandering that was going on since the 90s, and of course, the press was all BN and MCA, then there was the Bangla invasion, and the phantom ICs. We knew all these and in fact worked very hard to overcome this pre-election rigging. I forgot to mention all the bribes, and free dinners and Psy shows and bettings against LGE. Of course all print media is BN, with 5-6 pages of adverts against DAP. We knew all these. We battled very hard.

Then come 5th May 2013. The voter turnout was good. EC says 80%. The mood for change was high. We went "Bangla Watch" to catch Bangla. Oh yes, the indelible ink. That is a joke, right? It is obviously NOT indelible. I hear that some Bangla voted 3x.

Election results started at about 7pm. It was all rosey. The first seat declared was Putrajaya taken by BN, little dispute there. I was watching Malaysia Kini. Then all the online results were closed with PR leading in many of the seats. This seemed to be inline with the unofficial polls result after the poll station borang 14 tally. This was the unofficial results. This went on till about 11pm.Then suddenly after 12 mid night, it was all BN. Even the seats where PR was obviously leading. Notable example was Bentong, Segamat, and Labis. Of course Lembah Pantai was sounding the alarm. The Ketua Election Officer felt tired and wanted to rest and called a recess. Can you beat such an excuse. Of course all the polling agents would not leave the room. They smell a rat. They called for backup help.They were watching the ballot boxes like a hawk. YB Nurul was ahead by 1,800 or so votes. I received an sms that the FRU was there, to clear a crowd that was surrounding the hall, to prevent unusual ballot boxes from turning up. As God would have it, a car did turn up, and in the boot were h 2 extra ballot boxes marked P120, when the Lembah Pantai seat was P121. YB Nurul was saved by the residents. And more importantly, Lembah Pantai provided us with one of the many smoking gun as to how they cheated.

They say they won. They had less than majority support ( 46% ) but had 133 seats. The PR had 51% but 89 seats.
To distract, they played the racial blame game.
How sad. The government has lost their legitimacy and cling on desparately to power and divide the people by racial sentiments and hatred.
Now you all may understand why we cannot get over the 505 blues. The subsequent article by Rafizi will made it more clear.
Anyway, DSAI obviously felt as a grieved as us. He decided to appeal to the people.\
Kelana Jaya stadium was crowded. I was happy to be part of it. Many left because they could not enter the stadium. The young ( who made up the majority ) were vociferous. They wanted change and they want it now. We all felt robbed and violated. They stole it from us.

So also in Penang,

So also in Ipoh.
What a shame. We have a government who has lost touch with the people, who cheated before the elections, and who lost and cheated at the last moment to cross the finishing post.

Maybe, I do not say it so well.
YB Rafizi, in his article in says it better.

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli today revealed 27 parliamentary seats that the party’s “#SiasatPRU13” team, which he heads, would investigate for possible election fraud.

The seats are Bentong, Kuala Selangor, Baram, Sungai Besar, Pasir Gudang, Labis, Machang, Ketereh, Titiwangsa, Tebrau, Bagan Serai, Kota Marudu, Beaufort, Setiawangsa, Segamat, Ledang, Balik Pulau, Kulim Bandar Bharu, Pulai, Kuala Kangsar, Muar, Pendang, Hulu Selangor, Sabak Bernam, Merbok, Pensiangan and Saratok.

“We have received 237 complaints and statements this week [on election fraud]. Aside from public complaints we received, we also analysed the election results based on four criteria,” Rafizi told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters here.

The criteria outlined by Rafizi are:

    Margin of win below 5%;

    Spoilt votes outnumber small margin of win

    Early and postal votes outnumber the margin of win garnered from normal votes, to the extent that it affected the results of the normal votes

    Seats with reports of fraud

He said that at least two of the criteria applied to all 27 seats shortlisted.

“Once we go through all the evidence and have interviewed every person who filed a report with us, we shall bring it up to Bersih’s People’s Tribunal. We now await for news from Bersih on when they will set up the tribunal.

“Second, we shall organise all the information so that we can file an election petition to the affected areas.

“We shall also call up witnesses to expose all they know to the media, and allow the media to scrutinise the evidence we gathered so far,” said Rafizi.

But he was not optimistic that filing a petition to the courts would bring a result that would favour  Pakatan, as the election law was “stacked against” them.

“The election law is written by BN, and the judge must work within that law. The number one flaw is the defective electoral roll, which cannot be challenged.

“So even if you go to the court and prove that Bangladeshis and Indonesians voted, as far as the court is considered, the roll is still considered valid and the petition will be dismissed,” explained Rafizi.

But Rafizi stressed that the purpose of the probe was not just to reverse the election results, which saw BN winning 133 parliamentary seats and Pakatan 89, but to “create momentum and awareness and disgust among people about the various ways of cheating undertaken by BN.”

Rafizi said the team, which comprises 67 volunteers, had divided all complaints they received into six categories, which are:

    Voters not allowed to vote because someone had voted in their name

    BN purchased votes by offering cash or vouchers

    Unknown voters registered to other individuals’ homes

    Disappearing indelible ink

    Election Commission offences such as signing the Borang 14 before the recount, or not providing a copy of the Borang 14.

    Suspected foreigners provided with identification cards and allowed  to vote.

“Just yesterday at a food court in Balik Pulau, we caught pictures and have proof of agents exchanging vouchers brought by voters into cash,” Rafizi claimed.

He further noted that 19 of the 27 seats highlighted were contested by PKR, which was why the party was spearheading the probe.

“The reason why PKR has the most instances of election fraud [as opposed to DAP and PAS] is because we contested in seats with a mixed demography, of which 60%  to 70% of the voters were Malay.

“These are hotly contested seats where the margin of victory is small, therefore fraud can make an impact. And fraud at most can bring about 2,000 votes.”

In contrast, Rafizi said, the majority of seats DAP and PAS contested were won by a margin too large to be affected by fraud.

We are all in black. We are unable to get over our grieve, until justice is restored and the wrong righted. That is the normal grieve reaction and solution.


Winston said...

“The election law is written by BN, and the judge must work within that law. The number one flaw is the defective electoral roll, which cannot be challenged. - End of quote
It's true that all these decades that they are in power, they have slanted all the laws, included the constitution, in their favour!!!
No one can blame them for being lazy or stupid in this respect!!!
The PR must get all these unfair laws repealed in addition to whatever action to be taken to regain the recent GE which was stolen.
In fact, the postal votes issue must also be settled.

hmatter said...

Yes Wilson,
Even B4 May 5th, we knew that they will cheat, and we have to beat them through 3 levels of cheating, 1 Illegal n Banglas, 2. Gerrymeandering, and 3 early voters. However, we did not anticipate large scale fraud at the counting station. You must have seen all the reports by now. Despite their 3 level cheating, there were 29-30 seats where the counting center played a pivotal role in favouring BN. In the state level, in Negri Sembilan, they retain state government by 1 seat, Trengganu by 2 seats and in Perak by 3 seats. If I am not mistaken, in 20 seats, their majority was less than the spoilt votes. In many of the polling stations, request for recounts were denied. The unofficial results ( borang 14 from the voting stations counts ) showed that PR had won. However, the official EC Borong 14, declared BN winner.
There were so many discrepancies, despite level 1-3 of unfairness, and still they had to steal it at the finishing line. That is what makes it more sore.