Monday, April 15, 2013


I spend yesterday morning at Taman Seri Sentosa, off the New Pantai Expressway, helping to run another HealthCamp, in support of YB Nurul Izzah of PKR. We have heard all kinds of rumours that BN is planning to bring in another 2,000 "instant citizens" to vote in Lembah Pantai, so we are all working very hard. How do you stop "instant citizens" from voting, without violence, when the powers that be turn a blind eye ( or some alleges even co-operation ) to it? I told those who discuss it with me that we have no choice, but to work very very hard to get 2,001 voters more, and let the whole country know that the powers that be is selling our country to "instant citizens", something I call treason.

                                               At Seri Sentosa, before the Camp started.
                                                    Too busy during Camp to take pics

Anyway, back to my task. I digressed. In that morning, we saw 270 patients, and when I finished at 1.30pm, I was with cardio 44. Believe me, I worked very hard. But is was interesting. Taman Seri Sentosa residents are mainly Chinese and Indians, with a few Malays. Besides the usual mill of anxiety chest pains, and BP checks, I saw two patients who had symptoms of angina from Angioplasty stent re-stenosis, and one lady who had a mitral vlave replacement, who cam for advice on warfarin. There is also this pitiful 30+ yr old Chinese lady whose husband left her with 5 kids to mother without a father. Of course, she had all kinds of chest pains and palpitations.
There is so much need.
Tiring Sunday, but happy to help.

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