Monday, December 31, 2012

HUNGER PROTEST 100. Day 3 ( 72 hours )

I spend most of Sunday visiting the protesters at Dataran Merdeka. They are now about 72 hours of fast. This morning report to me was also good. Everything is fine. In fact, their biggest problem maybe the noise associated with the rehearsals for the grand New Year Concert tonight. The protesters were saying that they could not rest well as the rehearsals go on till 2am in the mroning. Yesterday it rained a bit and because DBKL was getting ready for the Mid-night New Year event, the protesters were asked to vacate their sleeping areas in the shade, and they moved to the little park, next to the river. When it rained, they had to move to the underground carpark in Dataran Merdeka. A hassle, but what to do. Kudos to them, they persevered with little anger.

Some of the people on Hunger strike, after 72 hours. They looked normal. We only had minor gastric complains and many of their sugars was hovering around 3.0-3.5 mmMols / L.

Every night, some youth will come give a short speech. Some of the speeches were indeed very moving. One youth apologise on our behalf, saying that he had failed to stand up for so long, and now it is still not too late. It is time for Malaysians to arise to the challenge. Many of the speakers touch on the importance of casting your votes, saying that we need every vote to effect a change.

 A youth, this one, a Malay youth speaking. A while later, the rain came , and we had to move again.

Well to night I will go join them again, and see them complete the 100hours fast. Then help them to break fast. Looks like they have been successful in completing 100 hrs of fast, and also highlighted the issues of Public Hazards and call for a more responsible government.

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