Tuesday, December 04, 2012

AliveCor single channel ECG monitor.

The FDA has just announced their approval of AliveCors ECG monitor for use as a single channel ECG monitor.

I have always felt that we do need an event monitor to enhance our ability to pick up episodic arrhythmia s occurring out of hospital settings. It is sometimes so difficult to try and discern which arrhythmias is affecting the patient when they describe the episodes to you. The 24 hr Holter Monitor often miss the occasional troubling arrhythmia.
Maybe there is a role somewhere for this AliveCor ECG monitor. Coming at USD 199, it is not cheap, as it is just an attachment. I am not sure how practical it is. Of course you need an iPhone 4 or 4s. That is not cheap too.
Well, it is nice to know. I am not sure if I will buy one. My Smartphone is presently a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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