Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have just returned from Hefei. I was invited there to take part in their Huangshan Symposium on Advances in PCI. I arrived there on 9th Nov and left on the 11th Nov. 2012.

                                  With me is my local host, Faye, who interprets and take me around.My duty was to perform 2 live cases for discussion. The cases were at the Anhui Provincial Hospital at Hefei. It is a very nice hospital and well equipped. There have IVUS and OCT ( I was told that it is on loan ), and they performed about 1,200 PCIs a year. I worked with the local doctor, Dr Mah, and he is good, obviously had done a lot. My task was to do two bifurcation PCI. The one with Medina 1,1,0 I decided to provisionally stent, and turn out well. The second case in the afternoon was medina 1,1,1 and I did a reverse crush. The LAD was only 2.25 mm in diameter.

                                              Anhui Provisional Hospital with my local host.
Looks like this year, I have worked at 4 Chinese hospitals, the Tianjin 1 hospital, the Tianjin 3 hospital, the Zhejiang provisional hospital, and now the Anhui Provisional hospital. I must say that I am quite impress with the standard of practice. How not to be good, when the center  is doing 1-2,000 a year.
How I wish our private hospitals would do the same? There are too many private cath labs around, some doing 30-40 cases a year. It is very difficult to achieve an excellent standard. The government centers are better in that aspect. they have volume accept that there are many trainees trying this that and the other.
Anyway, China is always a good experience, to work with your peers there. The food is also good. The weather, well it is cold, especially when the wind blows.
No, no picturesque Huangshan this trip. I did spend a day in Shanghai, great city.

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