Thursday, November 15, 2012


I was gently informed that my posting the blog about our meeting with the PAS leaders was inappropriate. MPCAM is an NGO and has no political agenda. They also informed me that I did not published their full letter to parliament. Apparently the earlier version that I published, was improved upon and is in fact 2 pages.

I am of the opinion that all interesting information, should be posted for the viewers to see and take note. I believe that NGOs can talk to politicians from both sides of the fence. It so happens that one side of the fence likes to talk down to us and the other side talk to us as equals. We NGOs, have no control over how our information may be perceived, so we always endeavor to tell the truth backed up by facts. It is for all of you to seek tha truths from the facts that we put out.
Anyway, If I have unknowingly offended anyone, please do accept my apologies. No harm intended.
Now let us get on with the work.

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