Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I was quite upset by the government in continuing to deny the events of 9th July 2011. I have just written to NST and STAR to protest this. I am not sure if they will publish.
I am sorry, I thought I should do my social duty, and publish it here.


Dear Editor,

I am very concern as to the approach taken by all those in authorities ( Politicians and the Police ), regarding the events of the afternoon of the 9th July 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. Please notice that because of the hype whipped up in the lead up to the 9th July 2011, the whole world was watching. In this “flat” world, nothing can be hidden, as pressmen ( both local and foreign ) were out there in the streets of Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Jln Sultan, Pudu Road, Batu Road, Jalan Tun Perak, and Stadium Merdeka, just to name a few. They were loaded with big cameras and videos. Everything was recorded. Al Jazeera had a live feed on the afternoon. Everything happening is recorded and broadcast to the world. How can we hide the facts? The authorities attempt to deny and hide the truth is futile, and make us liars in the eyes of the world.

1. The whole afternoon’s events were fully recorded. There were you tube videos in many, many blogs, and there are pictures by press and individuals, literally hundreds, I think. I doubt everyone of them is wrong. All the videos appeared within 24 hours, barely enough time to doctor.

2. I was told that at least 4 of the demonstrators were hospitalized, and some even had surgery, from actions taken by the Police. Again did they all hurt themselves accidentally? Did Mat Sabu, fell accidentally and hurt himself? There are clinical notes and hospital records of their injuries? Are we to be convinced that these clinical records will not be doctored? The fact that the Police used excessive force is not in doubt. Maybe not all the Police but certainly many of the Police.

3. Police did fire with intention to injure, hurt and maim. There is a video available at a blog, that clearly show the Police aiming the teargas gun at shoulder height, obviously to shoot at individuals. This video appeared within 24 hours. Are you saying that it had been doctored?

4. There are numerous photos and videos of tear gas being shot into Tung Shin Hospitals and Chinese Maternity Hospital, within 24 hours. They too cannot be doctored?.

5. The late Encik Baharuddin died. His death had also been videoed. Clearly the Police denied him his medications, which may have saved him. Consult your own cardiologist and hear the truth from them. The post-mortem will probably show acute myocardial infarction, leading to Ventricular Fibrillation, resulting in his death. Prompt medical treatment ( which was denied him), may have saved him.

I am writing to ask the authorities to stop denying, and come out with the truth, and try and regain your credibility, or what is left of it, to regain our trust and confidence. If you keep up your denials, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, any remaining trust in the government will rapidly diminish. How can we as parents and elders teach our children and the young to tell the truth?

Please start facing up to the truth, and tell the truth. Stop the lies.

For the love of Malaysia, please tell the truth.

Let see if the mass media will publish.

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