Monday, July 11, 2011


I was present and witness BERSIH 2.0 first hand. I had gathered at Tung Shin Hospital at about 2pm. managed to get pass the very tight Police cordon.
Among the many lessons ( no hype, just facts ), I learned,
1. Many Malaysians care, and they are brave. They came out in large numbers, despite the very severe Police clampdown in KL, and all the threats and pre-emptive arrest. At the Tung Shin gathering, I estimated about 5-6,000. From the video clips circulating, I think the Brickfields group was the largest. I believe there must have been 50,000 at least.
2. They have a true 1Malaysian spirit. A Malay gentleman, whom I do not know, lifted me up the gates of CMH to avoid the Police cordon. Another elderly Malay offered salt for my eyes against the tear gas. Another elderly Chinese man offered this Malay man water to wash and to drink, and he never asked if it is halal.
3. The Police, in particular the FRU were brutal. They ran passed me chasing a Mala yman into Tung Shin hospital, cornered him, beat him up before handcuffing him. They were firing teargas outside the PUDU road, and of course the fumes was all over Tung Shin. They aimed the water cannon into Tung Shin Hospital. It is true.
4. That the authorities lie, twist and turn, throughout the whole episode. How can we trust them?
5. The demonstrators were peaceful. No one carried any weapons. Amongst their own, they were exercising discipline, so that no one will damage properties, or shout abuses at the Police. In fact, at one point we had to warn some of the youth, not to abuse the Police. I think that the Police did more damage,
6. The call for change is real and cannot be ignored.

7th July is a memorable day. I am proud to be part of it.

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Michael said...

Way to go Doc, impartial observation in contrast to the perverted reportage of the mainstream media (when would they learn?)