Monday, December 27, 2010


It has been known for a longtime that garlic contains medicinal properties, and has been associated with cures for "flu", increase natural immunity, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancers, helps the lungs and digestion, and a whole host of health claims.
The recent issue of the Journal of Maturitas ( what journal is this? ), from Australia, published a small piece of work by workers from the university of Adelaide, that garlic lowers blood pressure.
They studied 50 subjects with hypertension and found that when compared to placebo, 4 garlic capsules ( aged garlic ) daily for 12 weeks lowered blood pressure by 10mmHg. A small study, and obviously not confirmatory. Interesting. I have posted before that garlic may lower LDL-Cholesterol. I suppose all these good effects of garlic must be due to the high sulphur content in garlic, acting as some form of anti-oxidant. No, I would not advise anyone to stop their blood pressure pills without consulting their doctor. I would encourage the eating of garlic, in moderate amounts with food ( eat healthily ), so that we can get some of the good benefits of garlic. If you do not like the strong smell, you could take aged garlic capsule. If you are in mosquito infested jungles, a strong meal of garlic may serve to keep the mosquitoes away. The downside maybe that it may also keep all your friends away.

As the year ends, I suppose it is good to remember that this blog is now about 5 years old, having began in 2005. Time flies. Hope that you all had a good and beneficial time reading and enjoying this blog. Lets look forward to a more healthy year in 2011.

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