Monday, November 29, 2010


When I arrived back from Phuket, and opened my internet connection ( the wifi connections in Phuket were limited and all for a fee ), I was rather upset to read about another interventionist in USA, this time in El Paso, Texas, having to appear before a board of Complaints about unnecesary stents and procedures being done by interventionist. This will be the 3rd interventionist that I know of, in USA being sued for misconduct from unnecessary stenting and angioplasty and other procedures.
I have coined a new term called the Midei, McClean, DeMaio syndrome. I am not saying that they are guilty. I do not know, and I hope that they are not. I hope that they will be given a full and fair hearing. Let the truth prevail.
But I am very concern that we are getting more and more such complaints. There semed to be a pattern, and that is also very worrying. In all three cases ( 2 in Maryland ) and this one in Texas, the hospital where they practice, have been the whistle blower, writing to patients, asking for them to complain. So that besides the breakdown in doctor-patient relationship, there is also this very worrying issue of breakdown in doctor-medical center relationship. The medical center of course have all our notes, and can use it to instigate patients to complain. This usually happens when the doctor ( or interventionist ) have outlive his/her usefullness. I have noticed more and more that a doctor in private practice have three phases in their private practice career. ALL OF YOU OUT THERE IN PRIVATE PRACTICE BETTER TAKE NOTE. Phase one is when the Medical Center wants you, for whatever reason ( including to dilute a popular doctor, on their staff. ( lets say that a certain female gynae is very popular and commands 50% or more of the gynae case load. That becomes a problem She can then dictate terms to the center, so the center will bring in more gynaes ( female ones ) to take her case load away ). In phase one, the medical center will be very nice to you. ( Remember, I was invited to have dinner by the poolside of the CEO house, when they first approach me to join the medical center ). You will get your reasonable wishes. Phase 2 is the growing phase, where you work hard to built your career and they also want to see you grow, as they also benefit. They will tolerate you, as you are of great use to them, especially when you have a good case load. Phase 3 ( usually when you are thinking of slowing down ) is when you are most vulnerable. You would like to slow down, and you cutdown your case load and decline to go on call. The medical center will then find all kinds of reason, either to sideline you, or replace you.
In the 3 American Interventionist, the center obviously see them as a threat ( either because they are moving out to a rival, or starting their own center, in the same locality ). They all had smear campaigns, to tarnish their reputation, and they all made phonecalls to patients, instigating patients to complain and sue. They will get other interventionist from the center ( there are no shortage of ...licking traitors ) to look through and find fault with you.
I fear that what is happening in USA will soon come to our shores ( if not already here ). We are hearing more and more of doctors being terminate " without just cause ".
I only wish that they will all get a fair hearing ( is that possible in Malaysia ), and they have deep pockets to fight the large corporations who sack them
Let me tell you, from personal experience, it is very difficult. With their deep pockets, the whole Malaysian system, is vulnerable.
I hope that the Midei, McClean, DeMaio syndrome, will not arrive here. I hope that they will resolve it amicably if possible. I hope that the truth will prevail.

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