Monday, November 29, 2010

ICF 2010, MOVENPICK HOTEL, PHUKET. 26-28th Nov 2010.

I returned last night from Phuket, having successfully conducted, the 6th ICF. ICF stands for " Interventional Cardiovascular Forum ". We started in 2005, under the umbrella of the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Malaysia. We subsequently included University Malaysia Medical Centre and University Kebangsaan Medical Center as sponsoring bodies.
Over the 2 days ( half day meeting and half day fellowship ), we were able to cramp in 4 didactic lectures, and 7 hours of cine case reviews. We must have discussed ( to various degrees ) about 40-50 cases. The meeting was attended by about 21 interventionist from Thailand and 31 interventionist from Malaysia. ( This is a closed door, interventionist only meeting ). There were about 10-15 sponsors there to fellowship with us and mix with their clients.
The weather was kind and we had plenty of sunshine. It did rain, right after our gala dinner ( set in the lawn at the hotel compound, amongst some trees ).
The feedback ( by way of survey forms ), showed that all the interventionist were happy with the weekend and all replied that they will be happy to tell their friends and return again next year for ICF 2011. They suggested that the program must be more structured ( esp the cine reviews ), so that we can be more time efficient. Something that the organising committee have taken note of.
Dr Wasan ( Thailand ), and Dr Kirti ( Mumbai ) were our faculty. They came along to share their wealth of experience in all aspects of Interventional Cardiology, and they mixed very well with all present. I was particularly pleased that there were many young ( next generation ) interventionist with us, and they were prepared to show their cases, and accept suggestions. There were so many cases, that I had to extend cine review sessions by another 100 mins, and had to turn down ( felt so bad ), more cases, in the interest of time.
We had about 11 sponsors, but I must say that the budget is very tight this year. I hope that we can make ends meet. If there are too many claims, I may end up in the red, for the first time.
We have always felt that small, budget conscious weekend sessions of cine case reviews was the way to go, to help improve the standard of interventional cardiology in Malaysia, so that our patients can have better trained and better informed doctors. A small price to pay, for a large improvement in practice standards. We also made many new friends on the way.
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Dr Kirti, Dr Wasan, the Thai delegation, the Malaysian doctors, and to all our sponsors. I hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as I do. " Terima Kaseh ", thank you so much, for making this meeting such a success.
Everyone is looking forward to ICF 2011, if we can find the money and the time.
We will remember Phuket ICF 2010 as a successful meeting, a good time of learning, relaxation and friendship.

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