Monday, June 21, 2010


Since strokes did not benefit from coffee or tea drinking, to help our stroke prevention program. I have taken this study from the just concluded World Congress of Cardiology, at Beijing. This study led by Dr Martin O'Donnell of McMaster U, Ontario, Canada, called the INTERSTROKE study is also published online in the 18th June edition of Lancet. It mirrors the INTERHEART study conducted by Dr Salim Yusuff of McMaster U, not so long ago.
The following are the risk factors for stokes and correcting these risk factors will reduce your chances of stroke. For example, if you control your hypertension, you reduce the possibility of stroke by a factor of 3.

These 10 stroke risk factors account for 90% of all strokes. We are beginning to formulate a language of stroke risk factors ( SRF ) just as we did with coronary risk factors.

INTERSTROKE: Population-attributable risk for common risk factors

1. Hypertension
2. Smoking
3.Waist-to-hip ratio (tertile 2 vs tertile 1)
4.Dietary risk score (tertile 2 vs tertile 1)
5.Regular physical activity
7.Alcohol intake
8.Cardiac causes
9.Ratio of apolipoprotein B to A1 (tertile 2 vs tertile 1)
10.Psychological factors

Stroke is a very devastating disease probably worse ( to my mind ) than a heart attack, because, in many instance, witha severe devastating stroke, you cant live and your cant die. You become a burden to yourself and your loved ones.
So please, please reduce all your know stroke risk factors.