Monday, June 28, 2010


Over the last weekend, B Braun assembled a small group of interventional cardiologist from the ASEAN region in Bali to discuss issues pertaining to their drug eluting balloon.
Bali is nice and thriving. The service is still very good. Things are a little pricey. We were meeting at the " Discovery Kartika Hotel " at the Kuta beach area, where you have almost everything right in front of the hotel, besides a heavily traffic congested road. It was a focus meeting and good in its own way.
Well, it looks like B Braun is making a renewed effort to promote the drug eluting balloon in the treatment of CAD, making it an alternative to drug eluting stents. They are promoting it like drug eluting stents without the metal jacket and polymer. However, many of us felt that much more working needs to be done, before its role in interventional cardiology can be fully appreciated and established.
I also got to meet up with many of my old friends in the ASEAN region and lament that we are growing old and must pass the touch to the young and eager.
That is life and its cycle.

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