Monday, June 07, 2010


I have always held the view that hypertension is better prevented then cured ( which is not possible ). As a community health prevention program we, could do more good then all the pills that we push out. Losing weight, eating less salt, avoiding diabetes, avoiding stress, sleeping better, and also being physically active.
The June 1st online edition of Hypertension, carried a report by Dr Mercedes Carnethon et all from Chicago, on physical activity, fitness and hypertension. Study 4,618 subjects aged 18-30years ( young people ) , over 20 years, he found that those who were physically active and fit, had a third lower incidence of hypertension. They did define physical activity by treadmill exercise and also physical activity reports weekly. Their study is called CARDIA ( Coronary Artery Risk Development in young Adults study ).
Healthcare cost is rising. If only the government would put in place some good preventive programs, that would save many from suffering from these chronic lifestyle diseases and save alot of suffering and deaths. That would be money well spend.
Just for closing, know that cardiologist would like to suggest physical exercise, eg brisk walking that all of us can do, about 3 times a week, and about 5 kilometers. A total of 15 kilometers a week. As I tell many of my less scientific patients, just exercise three times a week until you break out in sweat each time. Do not push yourself too hard if the bosy is tired. Never over do it.
A nice pair of walking shoes and a safe walk area or park really helps.

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