Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Following the "FPMPAM Weekend Seminar in Cardiology for GPs 2010 ", I received this email, that I would like to share with all of you. The writer appreciates the effort of all who helped to run the course I am sure, including the faculty, secretariat, and all the sponsors.

" I am writting this email to convey my great thanks to you.I got your email address from MSD rep. I am one of the participants who attended your ECG Workshop 9.5.2010 during Weekend Seminar in Cardiology for GPs in Ipoh. Just to share my story with you... 21.5.2010 4.10pm 55 y/o Malay gentleman walked in my clinic alone by motorbike.He looked unwell to me - cold clamy sweats but fully alert and concious. He said he has chest discomfort.I straight away did ECG for him. My record shows that he came once in 2008 for polyuria. RBS was 22mmol/l. I gave him Glucovance 500/5mg bd X 20's with TCA 1 week but he never came back. He admit that he did not continue the tablet after finished them. ECG: SR 83/min. Marked ST elevation 2,3, aVF, V2-V6.RBS=20.7 mmol/lBP: 137/72mmHg Called ambulance 4.20pm hot line (GHI) informing about he problem.While waiting, I gave him: T. disprin 300mg stat, T. plavix 300mg statOxygen vis mask 5 litre/minIV branula 18G on right hand. Ambulance arrived 4.30pm but later found out that their oxygen tank is empty.I lend them my tank. 10 days later, his wife came to visit me (and to settle the bill). She told me that her husband was in CCU for few days and later discharged with TCA in GH Penang (?for angio) Many thanks to you again for updating me during the course.Because of that I managed to give good services to my clients. Have a nice day".
Regards: XXXXX

Every now and then, someone appreciates.
It makes all the pains worthwhile

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