Friday, April 21, 2006

Blood pressure and arterial hardness

I was reading MMR when I saw this gadget and Palmdoc's comments that I should look into it.
Well I did, but did not come up with much. I only read that they use "Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Arterial Hardness Value Measurement". They claim that this medical technology uses patented sensor technology. Using basic principles, I deduced that the sensor placed over the brachial artery when you strap on the cuff, detects the systolic and diastolic pulse when the cuff is automatically inflated and deflated.

The so called "arterial hardness" (hardly a medical term), is in my opinion, an attempt to measure the pulse pressure, which if it is too wide, may be deduced as arterial hardness. It may also mean the arterial wall compliance, which is also related to pulse pressure. The obvious implication being that the wider the pulse pressure, the "harder the arterial wall". And if you assume, no other medical condition being present, you could work out the normal pulse pressure chart for males and females. If you enter your age and sex, they can then tell you if your "arteral hardness" factor is normal for your age, and so your "wellness".

Well please know that this is my deduction from what I read at their website. I do not have any other technical details from Formosa Medical. I have written to them, asking them for more details. Should they reply with more details, I will be happy to post it later. Suffice to say that "arterial hardness" is not a well recognised cardiac parameter, and therefore, may have little meaning for cardiac health. I stand corrected if this is a colloquial Formosan term, not ususally found in standard English medical literature.

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pol098 said...

It is possible to deduce certain parameters, including a measure of arterial hardness, by detailed examination of the blood pressure waveform. Dynapulse give a lot of detail about this (see their website), although their (expensive) home BP monitors don't show the hardness; only the (more expensive) professional versions do. I have no idea if that is how this meter works. There seems to be little interest: no comment in two years. MS