Saturday, September 05, 2015


Bersih 4.0 has come and gone. We each have our take on it. The pro-Bersih have their slant. The anti-Bersih have their views too. I thought that as a witness to all 34 hours of the event, I shall also pt on record, my take. I will try to state the facts, although I would confess that I am a Bersih 4.0 supporter. I will try and state the facts. Please read and if you do not agree, please tell me. If you agree, please tell all your friends. We must pass on the real message.

Fact 1. It cannot be denied that the crowd was big. On day 1 ( 29th Aug ), Jln Tun Perak / Pasar Seni probably had the biggest crowd. We were full up all the way to Kota Raya bus station. The Sogo area had the next largest, the Brickfields next and the smallest crowd was from Masjid Negara ( I was told, a crowd of about 5,000 ). All in all, I eyeball estimate about 150-200,000.
Besides the crowd, the next obvious thing was the racial composition. Having been to 5 mass street rally, it was quite obvious that the crowd was mainly Chinese, and Indians. The number of Malays was small. ( I apologise for being racist here. I don't like to but it looks like in Malaysia '15 we all seem to be abit ).
On Day 2, the crowd as bigger. Easily 2-300,000 at the peak. What was more heartening was the racial composition. We saw more Malays appearing, young and old. That was heartening.

Whether the larger crowd and more Malays attending, is due to the wily old fox appearance, is a mood point. I personally feel that he is the cause of all our problems, so he is certainly no hero of mind.

Fact 2. One of the sights that will leave a big impression on me, is the 1am 29th Aug seen on Jln TAR and Jln Tun Perak.

I saw young ( mainly ) and some old, sleeping on the streets, on the pavements, and on the road divider. On sleeping bags, on simple mats, on cardboards, on papers, with their water bottle and bags beside them. Some even had their helmet next to them. This was a sight to behold.

Fact 3. After 1am on 29th Aug, I could see many walk pass me at my Pasar Seni base to go home to sleep. Mainly the senior citizens. They would wave to us at the medic base, and say thank you or good night, as they stroll pass to go home.
        The next morning, I woke up at 6.15 am to go wash up. I could see the seniors walking back in the direction of Jln Tun Perak, to join the rally again. This was heart warming. Why would seniors, who had already attended the Rally on 29th Aug, come back again on Sunday. Have they nothing better to do, or are they so angry, that day of rest also must come.

That really make me think how committed they are to the cause.
Mind you, I know for certain that non in the crowd was paid to attend. As a medic team leader, I lost money, making "medical vest", buying food, medication, and the little nitty gritties. My team had to buy first aid kits, donate masks and googles, etc etc etc. These people gave up their sunday rest to send the government a clear message.

Fact 4. Why do I bother to go attend this historical rally, called Bersih 4.0. I will sum it up in two pics which I think summaries well why I took part, besides the fact that it is my calling to help people who may be injured or sick who needed my help.
I only hope that this government will listen to the people. Will give us back our voice. We are out there because we have no choice. We try talking to the government politely, strongly, even more strongly. But they sack, they ban, the declare illegal, they transfer out, they "promote", they shut down, the withdraw licence, they do all manners of evil to deny us information and accountability.
Bersih 4.0 is because the people have lost their voice, and they want it back.

Thanks to Mdm Maria Chin and committee for a job well done.
Thanks to brave Malaysians, THANKS FOR STANDING UP.

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