Thursday, June 04, 2015


I was back in Sarawak last week ( 26th May - 2 nd June 2015 ) to rn a medical camp in the interior of Sarawak, around the Kuching to Kalimantan border area. This time, I was able to master a team of about 20 with 10 professionals ( 3 GPs, 2 physicians, 1 surgeon, 1 EYE, 1 ENT and 2 dentist ), and 10 paramedic including a dispenser and 4 nurses and 5 medical students ). Our logistic partner was again Impian Sarawak ( DAP ).

On 27th May, we were at the Kg Bogag area. The Camp site chosen for us, was really very challenging. It was basically two verandahs separated by a small wall. It also rained for awhile when camp started. In the 1pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm sessions ( advised by Impian Sarawak ), we managed to see about 146 patients and this time extracted 10 teeth. ( Looks like dental hygiene here is better ).

We stayed the night at the Kg Duyoh homestay. The conditions here was also challenging. I had to bath cold water in a semi squat position as I have a left total hip replacement. I also had to sleep on the sitting room table top, for lack of space. Hahahahahaa.
On the 28th May, we held camp at Kg Serikin. The Camp site was a very spacious multi-purpose hall. We now have a problem of a huge hall. I had to site the dental clinic on the stage and fence them off for privacy. Nice. Here we saw 176 patients and extracted 21 teeth. I was told that Kg Serikin was next to the Indonesian border ( waling distance ).
We again spend a second night at the Kg Duyoh homestay.
Early 29th morning ( 6.30am to be precise ), we left te Kg Duyoh homestay to start Camp at Kg Rantau Panjang ( in Batu Kawa ). Clinic was to start at 8am and Kg Rantau Panjang was about 80 mins from Kg Duyoh. Well, we managed to start on time. We saw 181 patients and extracted 21 teeth. Clinic hours here at Batu Kawa was 8-12 noon and 3-7 pm. We had a nice seafood dinner at Kuching.

From Kg Rantau Panjang, we return to stay at 56 Hotel and enjoy the comfort of a warm shower and good mattresses.
The last Camp was at Kg Kitang ( Batu Kawa ). This was about 40 mins from the Hotel and so we could sleep a bit later and left to set Camp at 6.45 am for Clinic start at 8 am. At Kitang, we saw 197 patients and extracted 13 teeth.
Camp was over at about 5pm on 30th May. We rested on 31st May. Some members of the team returned, while 12 remained to celebrate Gawai with the locals. " GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI" It was nice. On 1st June, the DAP staff took us visiting the various homes at the Mas Gading area, drank a fair amount of Tuak and ate much local delicacies.
We all return on the late morning flight out of Kuching.
It was a great experience.
We did help about 700 + patients. There were many interesting cases with good clinical signs. The medical students must have seen more clinical material in 4 days then perhaps an 8 week posting in General Hospital. I suppose, the total laryngectomy with artificial voice box, and visceral larva migrant must top the list. They also saw a late stage Ca Breast, besides murmurs and Atrial fibrillation. The medic students really had a educational trip.
I learn a lot too, about people who would prefer to sleep late boozing, and say that they cannot attend to an early clinic. As usual, there is always the complaining lot. What to do, we are all different. Discipline seem to be severely lacking, especially with prima donnas. Dealing with the non-prima donnas was obviously easier. They sleep early and even volunteered for early "recce" team.
A word of thanks to my whole team who performed very well, under very trying conditions. Terima Kaseh, beribu ribu Terima Kaseh.
And our logistic partner again performed admirably. We were working under very trying conditions, hot sun and then rain. Can you imagine, heavy rain when we were parked in a verandah, or hot sun in a stuffy 800-1,000 sq ft room with 30 human bodies inside? The Impian team managed to get us fans to cool us down and the next moment patch leaks in the roof so that our drugs would not be contaminated.  Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to the Impian Team led by Melisa and Billy. You all were great and I truly thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
All in all, it was a great experience and I am sure we help many in the Mas Gading and Batu Kawa area. Many locals ( who do not know me ), came to shake my hands and ask when we will be returning again. A question I have great difficulty in answering honestly.

I apologise for the lack of pictures this time, as my professional photographer could not make it, and so poor me have to try and take pics, whenever free, with my Xaiomi Note camera. Not so good lah.

"Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai".

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