Saturday, January 31, 2015


As usual, bright and early on 21st Jan, YB Ting, the ADUN of Bintangor came to the Hotel to fetch me and the advanced party to Bintangor, about 1 hour away, to set up the Camp site. On the way,, as we were discussing, she informed us that her office had already registered 248 patients from the surrounding long houses, for the clinic. BUT, while we were working in Sg Aup on 20th Jan., rumours were being spread in Bintangor that we were not coming. In fact a police report was made by one of the residents of the long house where we were due to set up Camp. However, ADUN Ting managed to speak to the household who made the Police report to allow us to hold our Camp there. On the way to the Camp site, we saw a Police Car on the main road outside the Camp.

Anyway, the long house chosen by ADUN Ting was a large long house and with more than adequate space. We were all on the ground floor, from Registration to Glucometer, BMI, GP triage, paeds, physician, surgeon, skin, pharmacy. The dental clinic was at the kitchen, and the eye clinic at the main hall downstairs. The OG and breast examination were in the privacy of the dining hall.

The stats are being worked out, so I will insert it later. I think we saw 308 patients ( despite the false rumours ). They came early and despite the rain.

It is true that on all 3 days of our trip, we were given good press coverage in the local Borneo Post. One politician called us "touch n go" people. There were other names too, but who cares. We were there to render healthcare and provide a service.

After the Camp at about 9pm, we packed up and left for the long house for dinner and also to sleep over at the long house.

I then learned that there were two types of long house, namely the original long house ( those deep in the Kalimantan jungles ) that were on stilts without water and electricity supply. The long houses for us in Bintangor were modern long houses in the semi-rural area. These long houses were long, but had electricity ( TV and air con ) and also water supply, except that each long house had only one bathroom cum toilet. That meant that were had to queue up for toilet and bath. The last person had bath at almost 1 am. I had to sleep on a 4x2 sofa for the night. I was tired, so I slept and work up with a painful neck. Hahahahhaaa.

Tomorrow, we leave for home. I have to be in Singapore at 9am for Asia PCR / SingLive.


Winston Yap said...

Doc, please allow me to diagress.
I remember sometime ago, I wrote to you about a CD24 blood test for detecting colon polyps invented by a doctor Arber.
I hope that you can let me know whether it is available here.
If not, what can be done to have it available locally as I am sure that it can save a lot of lives as many people do not want to do a colonoscopy to detect these polyps.
Thank you.

hmatter said...

I do not recall. Colonoscope cannot be avoided if polyps are an issue.