Saturday, January 31, 2015


I have been rather busy 2 months. After ICF 2014, I began to organise this FPMPAM-IMPIAN SARAWAK Health Camp.
We left KLIA on the evening of 18th Jan 2015, and returned after a very successful HealthCamp, on 22nd January 2015. I then proceeded to Singapore to take part in SingLive / Asia PCR as a faculty on 23rd Jan 2015.
So it has been quite hectic.

I organised a team of doctors, including 2 GPs, 2 physicians, 2 paediatricians, one surgeon, one dermatologist, one ophthalmologist, one OG and one dental surgeon. To support us, we had an admin officer, and 8 nurses.
In all the sites, we had glucometer service and BMI measurement. The two  GPs to triage, and we provided dental services, eye check-ups, paeds consult, physician consults, surgical consults, OG consult, skin consult and breast examination by a nurse. Quite comprehensive.

The clinics were in two sessions, 9am-1pm and 4pm-8pm ( to cater to residents coming back from work ).

I would like to share with you all some of the moments in Sibu area long houses in Sarawak.
These are some of the pics from the first Camp, sited at a church in Bawang Assan next to the mighty Rajang river.

At Bawang Assan, we saw about 137 patients. Age range from 2 months old, till 82 yrs old. There were 1.6 female to 1 male. We extracted that day 31 teeth for dental caries ( some had more than 1 tooth extracted. About half those examined had BMI . 25 and half less than 25. By fasting G/M testing 71.9% had FBS of <5 .7="" 13.4="" 14.6="" 5.8-7.0="" and="" fbs="" from="" has=""> 7. We had about 20 samples of non-fasting BS.

It began to rain in the afternoon and at about 5pm the Rajang river ( we were on the banks of the Rajang ) began to overflow and the river water began to encroach on the Campsite, ponding up the waiting area and below the church which was on a stilt. So there was some patient inconvenience.

At about 9 pm on 19th Jan 2015, we had dinner in a Long House and had fellowship with the long house, who welcomed us. Tauk was free flowing and the local food taste good.
We thank our host before we left to go back to Sibu to rest for the night.

We learned that over the next 3 days, beginning with Bawang Assan, PDRM had assigned 4 SB ( special branch ) officers to shadow us whenever we went. We welcomed them.

The whole trip was incident free.

Tomorrow we go to Sg Aup.
It was a good day, despite the rain and mild flood.

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