Monday, December 15, 2014


I spend my weekend in Ipoh to conduct the ICF 2014, at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel.
The meeting went very well. It is now essentially an ASEAN Interventional Forum ( just that we did not seek to glorify it that way, although we were suggested to. Besides the 50 Malaysian Interventionist who were there, we had 11 Thais, 4 Indonesians, and 2 Singaporeans with one Indian ( Dr Kirti, who is our Faculty member ). The faculty had 1 Indon, 1 Indian, 1 Thai and 2 Singaporeans. So we had an attendance of about 70 doctors and about 15 sponsors ( a total of about 85 people ). Over the one and half days, we reviewed about 40 cine angiograms and PCI, show casing cases from India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It was a truly wonderful small meeting of minds and sharing of ideas.
Undoubtedly, the scientific program went well, and many are asking about the next one. It was heartening to note, over the last 9 years ( this is our 9th meeting ) that the standard of angioplasty has improved in Malaysia. There are now more instruments and devices being used to treat our patients, and outcomes are getting better. Looks like the Malaysian operators are also getting more skilful. The other obvious fact is that the presenters of the cases have improved. The cases all went smoothly with minimal time wasting, and the presentations were well done. In fact, in closing, I encourage them to take their cases to the next level so that their good work can be appreciated. It is true that we are still a minor step behind the Thais and a step behind the Singaporeans, but we are getting there.
The problem that I face was the meeting venue. Ipoh is a very nice town with good food, that is still cheap. But there is a lack of good hotels. I choose Kinta Riverfront out of no choice, as I needed a hotel that will cater for 100 people and also a conference room that can hold 100. There are non. Kinta Riverfront was the closes fit. But although Kinta Riverfront is but a few years old, the service is terrible. The staff was reluctantly cooperative. My room had a door lock that was not functioning well, and a bathroom facility that was broken. How can for a 5-star hotel. One the last day, I was looked out of my room. The food is so so. The buffet spread for breakfast and dinner was basic.
No lah. Not Kinta Riverfront again. I hope that the hoteliers will out up better Hotels in Ipoh, when Ipoh bloom and get richer.
Anyway, as the intellectual discourse was good and gratifying, I will not allow Kinta Riverfront Hotel to get me down.
I was most happy, to see the young ones come up and they are getting better. I shall rest easier. Our job is half done.

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