Monday, November 24, 2014


I was at the Mkini Open House on 22nd Nov 2014, amidst a pouring rain. It was a small struggle getting there because of the rain and I also had some difficulty finding the place as Jln Tandung was not my usual haunt. Anyway find it I did after a couple of U turns. Arrived there at about 5 pm.

Nice place. Big multi storey building. I have never been to  a press center before, but they look fairly well equipped. Plenty of laptops al over the pace a some staff was working. Some visitors were going "on air" in one of the staged room. The crowd, well at 5pm was sparse, and the rain was a dampener. I am sure that it was larger once the dragon dance can and the entertainment began.

After finding my "brick" and those of a couple of my friends, and after a self tour of the whole building, I decided to leave. Took a drink and then left at about 6pm into a severe traffic jam along Fed Hwy. It took me a hour to get from the Jln Templer traffic light to Subang. When I reach the Subang entrance, I discovered that the whole Fed Hwy was closed at the Subang exit. Now I know, it was because of a new landmark in Subang, called " the leaning LRT beam of Subang". What kind of contractors do we have in Malaysia. After so many deaths and accidents, ( with instant promises of no repeats after each incident ), we now have the leaning LRT beam of Subang. When will we ever learn.

I could get home with the relatively minor detour, to USJ, but I pity the Klang folks who were not so conversant with the detour routes. The crude signage just say ( arrow pointed left ). So the Klang foks have to find their way to Klang either through Subang ( free tour of Subang ) or through the old airport road. There was no signage to help them.
This is Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh.

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