Friday, October 17, 2014


Yes, I was out there yesterday to join and also assist in the Bar Council organised, "Lawyer's Walk for Peace ". We were there as supporters as well as to provide Medical cover as a Medical team on duty. I manage to enrol about 4 others. There were five of us. I had also got the assistance of Mr Genta ( SJA ), so there was also an ambulance on standby.

I when down to Masjid Jermak by LRT, and walked to Padang Merbok. Somehow managed to take the wrong road up the hill and so was lost for a while. So it tok me longer than anticipated to reach Pdg Merbok. I managed to reach there at about 11am just before Mr Christopher Leong started his address. It was a bit hot, and I had forgotten my golf cap ( stupid me ).

At the peak of the gathering, I think there were about 1,000 mainly lawyers with some people in civilian clothes. The lawyers' response was indeed heartening. Some were from Pahang and Johore Baru. Even before we started to walk to Parliament, there was a medical alert for a "collapsed" patient. I went to have a look. The most senior member of my medic team had felt dizzy like near faint. He had no breakfast and so we got him some sweets and fluids and that took care of that.
We started to walk at around 12 noon, I think. Up the hill to Parliament house to hand a memorandum to the PM. I understand that the President and 9 members of his council met with Datuk Mah and handed the memorandum to Datuk Mah for PM. The delegation of 10 returned at around 1pm.
By that time, there were 2 more near faints.

We dismissed at about 1.10pm and I returned to LRT and train back to Subang Jaya. Wonderful but tiring morning.

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