Friday, September 05, 2014

#Mansuh Akta Hasutan

The Sedition Act must go.
These last seven days have been very upsetting for Malaysians who voice opinions from the goodness of their hearts, for a better Malaysia. A Prof Azmi clearly was doing what his job requires him to do, and what the government of the day wants our students to learn. The ability to analyse facts and form opinions.  Not to be spoon fed. So A Prof Azmi gave his opinion and he was arrested and investigated for sedition. Reporter Susan was doing her job, reporting on an event that happened in Penang. She is a journalist. That is her job. She too was arrested for sedition, questioned for 9 hours and released on bail.  For doing her job. Can some great legal mind please explain to me and all right thinking Malaysians, what is “sedition” and can that law be applied like this? I do not know either of them. But I sympathise with them and their family. They were just doing their job. They have done no wrong.
Can I be charged for sedition, if I were   treating a patient ( who happens to be an opposition politician ) and on interview found that his heart attack was a result of intense interrogation and sleep deprivation by the Police, and I  document that in the case notes?
Are we living in a nation, where we are fearful to speak and give opinions?
No, no, no. This is not the Malaysia that we know. This is ridiculous. The Sedition Act must go.

This piece was send to the STAR today. Lets see if they will publish.

There are so many NGO coalition now, all spring up overnight. How I wish that they will combine and form a giant one to repeal this draconian Act.

Please support # Mansuh Akta Hasutan.   

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