Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This morning I join the Kembali Negara-Ku Piknik at Taman Jaya. I reached the site at 8.20 am and found the action point, sat down and had breakfast with y friend Dr KB Ng.

The crowd started to build up at about 8.45 -9 am. By the time the speeches started, I think (guesstimate ) there were about 200 people, who had come fairly prepared. Some chit chat, like us. Some played badminton ( father and son ), and most just sat down and ate mostly nasi lemak.
Of course the VIP was Zaid, Samad, aand Ambiga. I also shock the hands of Maria Chin ( Bersih ) and Haris Ibrahim ( ABU ). maybe there were others there that I did not recognise. I believe there were no politicians there.
After some chit chat fellowship, the speeches started at about 9.45 am with Zaid ( chairman ) speaking first, then the poem by Samad, and a short encouragement by Ambiga.
Their speeches were all short. Samad seemed rather weak. I could hardly hear him reciting his poem. To conclude the morning of fellowship, Kembali Negara-Ku Piknik, we sand Negara-Ku with some gusto and also Rasa Sayang.
We dismissed at about 10 am.
It was a simple memorable morning.
Well we are 52 years old ( half a century ), and we are still as divided as ever. This racist UMNO must be held responsible for most of this.

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