Sunday, August 10, 2014


This event went very well. The program was smoothly carried out. All in good time. One session in the breakout room ( ECG tutorial ) started late as both tutors came late. I nearly had to take over.
We registered 900+ attendees ( preliminary ). 850 before Friday and 123 on site. On Saturday afternoon, we had about 500 in the ballroom, and on Sunday morning we had 400 in the ballroom. The Saturday lunch had no sitting seats although NovoNordisk ( sponsors for lunch ) had book 400 shares. We nearly had to send people to coffee house for lunch.
This year, we altered the program significantly. Only 2 hours of monolog lecturers for all the whole weekend and 8 hors of case discussion in 3 rooms concurrently.
Pullman Hotel catering is good. The food quality was good. BUT the management is not so well organise to cater for a large meeting. They did quite a few things wrong. I went to Pullman using the LRT. It is off the Kg Kerinchi station.
The ballroom at 3.30pm on Saturday. We had placed 400 seats and added 50 seats and some were standing.
All in all it was a good meeting. These were the comments from the attendees. They like the venue, although I do not. They love the case discussions and use of the interactive pads.
The whole ballroom ( ballroom 1 ) was crowded during tea break with hardly any place to stand or walk.
I must thank the lecturers and tutors who worked hard to complete their case discussions and learning objectives.
It was a tiring but very rewarding weekend.
Thanks to all attendees for making this event a success. Thanks to the sponsors and the secretariat ( MSD ).
See you all again next year.

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Danny Yap Hsiong Eng said...

do u have the ecg quiz pics?