Wednesday, July 02, 2014


A group of NGOs and NGIs led by Pak Samad and Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan has decided to launch a People’s Movement “Negara-Ku” to Reclaim Our Nation.

2 July, 2014
On a daily basis, we are confronted with serious challenges that have begun to undermine the very foundations of our Nation. The peace and harmony of our multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multicultural society are under threat.
Ethnocentric and race-based politics and communally-minded politicians continue to derail the process of inclusive nation building and the formation of a Bangsa Malaysia national identity. Importantly, religion is now increasingly used as a main marker of identity, and as a boundary maintenance mechanism to polarise the people.
There are political parties and their affiliates that are not focused on nation building, rather on building their respective power bases. These parties on both sides of the divide pursue their agenda that are transactional and short-term, not transformational and long-term.
The mobilisation and manipulation of race, ethnicity and religion have resulted in increasing intolerance, bigotry and extremism. There is also an emerging sub-culture of political violence. These are symptomatic of dangerous under-currents in our society.
The State, by default or design, has failed to address these pernicious developments. The State has also failed to play the role of an honest broker in managing conflicts in our society.
We believe the majority of the People want to end this brand of divisive ethno-religious politics.
We want to take ownership, fully cognisant, that Malaysia is a nation where her people are inextricably bound by a shared history, commonweal and destiny.
We have to act before our society descends into the abyss of instability.
The “NEGARA-KU” Coalition aspires to mobilize and empower the People: -
 To resist all forms of intolerance, bigotry, hatred, extremism, and violence;
 To oppose all forms of discrimination, oppression, persecution and injustice;
 To strive for a socially inclusive society;
 To exhort the State and its Institutions to respect, adhere and uphold the Rule of Law; and
 To demand adherence to the principles of stewardship, integrity, accountability and transparency in all aspects of governance.
We will strive to do this by returning to the basics:-
 The Federal Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land;
 The Malaysia Agreement; and
 The Rukunegara as the guide for national objectives and values.

By this process of engagement and empowerment we endeavour to “HEAL THE NATION” and “RESTORE HOPE” in our future.

c/o GBM Secretariat, No. 1, Jln Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03- 2272 3594 / 017 3985 606 EAdd: 

2 July, 2014 

Dear Friends, 

Our beloved Nation is in distress! 
Known and unknown forces are beginning to overtly and covertly shred the fabric of our society. 
The very foundations of our multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-cultural nation are being undermined. 
The time has come for the silent majority to stand up and reclaim ownership of our Nation. 
Silence is not an option! 
A group of NGOs and NGIs led by Pak Samad and Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan has decided to launch a 
People’s Movement “Negara-Ku” to Reclaim Our Nation. [Please see attached Charter] 
We earnestly need your whole-hearted commitment to this cause to “Heal the Nation and Restore 
Hope” for our shared common future. 
A series of road shows, forums, and dialogue sessions including multimedia presentations are being 
planned to engage and empower our People to take ownership of our Nation. 
In this regard we call upon you and your organization to:- 
1. Endorse the “Negara-Ku” Charter; 
2. Attend in solidarity the Media Conference to launch “Negara-Ku” on 10th
 July 2014 (Thursday), 
11.00 am @ KLSCAH; 
3. Participate in the Civil Society Discussion on the Way Forward for “Negara-Ku” on 17
(Thursday), 2014 (Wednesday), 6.00pm @ KLSCAH; 
Kindly email endorsement and confirm attendance for events (2) and (3) above by latest 8
 July 2014 
(Tuesday) to the Coordinating Secretariat, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM), Tel: 03 2272 3594. 
We look forward to your invaluable support and contribution to this initiative to save the Nation. 

Thank You! 
For and on behalf of Negara-Ku Coalition 

Zaid Kamaruddin 


1 comment:

Winston Yap said...

I think that our government has been using race and religion as its main crutches in trying to stay in power by hook AND by crook.
It is a fact that these two facets in one's life is nobody else's business.
Because as far as race is concerned, does one have a choice of what race one should belong to?
Secondly, religion.
Religion is a covenant between oneself and one's God.
It is a very private and personal business and nobody else should interfere in this sphere.
But there are many evil bastards out there in the world who capitalised on these to gain control over others.
The latest creation is ISIS or ISIL.
The "religion" practised by such groups is not religion but more a form of devil worship.
No religion in this world espouses what they are preaching or doing.
Same thing here, in Malaysia.
Race and religion are being used with evil intentions.
The opposition parties can counter these by enlightening all Malaysians that as far as race is concerned, one has no choice in the matter.
As far as religion is concerned, it's nobody else's business except that of the believers.
From this one can judge that both these matters are non issues in the first place.
In fact, nobody even give a second thought about such matters in the early days of our Independence.
Until the Devils stirred the shit-pot!!!