Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We are all getting ready for the 1st May anti-gst rally. For those who would like to join us, as rally supporters or medical personnel, we are gathering at 5 points. KLCC is the main point from there the VIPs will walk towards Dataran Merdeka. Sogo. Dataran Maybank, Masjid Negara and Dataran Merdeka itself.
Should Dataran Merdeka be under renovation, the plan is to gather in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka.
There will be three ambulances on standby and 5 medical teams equipped with state of art walkie talkie, and also AEDs, just in case.
For those who intend to walk with us, please come in comfortable clothings and walking shoes. We would advice against high heels for obvious reasons. A towel and a bottle of mineral water to drink would be reasonable. An energy bar, in case of hunger is nice to have. Since we do not expect tear gas ( we were told that FRU will not be deployed ), we probably do not need to bring salt.

Even as we discuss amongst ourselves, GST is NOT bad, but not now. We feel that two things must be done before GST is implemented.
1. The leakages, consistently highlighted by the AG reports "ad nausea"  must be plugged. Other wise whatever money we put in government coffers will go towards a crony who are rent seekers ripping off the rakyat. There will never be enough money, even if you collect GST at 50%. PLUG THE LEAK.
2. There must be an effective minimal wage policy. Otherwise, those who have no money already, made worse by GST next year, cannot survive. What do you think they will do, when there is no bread on the table and no clothes for their kids to go to school. What do you think they will do? They will have to rob, steal and do whatever is necessary for survival. That puts you and I in great danger. Greater danger than now. Only the IGP and Minister of Home Affairs believe that crime is down. The rest of Malaysians do not believe so.

If you believe the same, please come and join us at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow, to tell the government, " NO TO GST..........UNLESS"
See you all tomorrow.

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