Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This is the flight that I take to Beijing every year for the last 8 years for CIT.
Board at mid-night, take a night cap, sleep and have the air stewardess wake me up for breakfast at about 5.30 am before arrival at Beijing Capital International airport at 6.30 am. Rush out catch my waiting  transport, beat the notorious Beijing traffic jam, and be at my Hotel at 8 am in time for the morning session at 10am.

Words will not be able to describe how I feel.
God bless you all.
To you and all your loved ones too.


Winston Yap said...

I understand that this flight is very popular.
Have the flights been going on all this time that they are searching for MH370?

hmatter said...

This year, CIT was moved to Shanghai, and I decided to take the morning flight. It was full. Next year, the meeting is back to Beijing.If invited, then I must decide.