Monday, March 10, 2014


We held our healthCamp at Kajang as scheduled, despite the Appeal Courts decision on Anwar on Friday.  It was held against a backdrop of deep sorrow as we all felt sad over the disappearance of MH 370. Incidentally, this is the flight that I take whenever I go to Beijing for CIT. I like this flight because it leaves KLIA at about 12.30am pass midnight. I sleep after a snack, and get awaken for breakfast and landing at about 6.30am. Miss the Beijing rush hour traffic and get to my conference center in time for the late morning session.
We were all also somber and sad at the unfair, unjust verdict on DSAI in the Sodomy II trial. No way can he be found guilty on the evidence introduced, except in the Malaysian Court. The verdict is a joke, but we are all deeply sadden as Malaysia has taken another step backwards.

Anyway, I have no pics to post on this HealthCamp as I was set to work from the moment go. Too busy. The Camp saw a total of about 230 patients. I ( the only cardiologist as all my compatriots could not make it ) saw about 20 patients over the 4 hours from 9.30am - 1.30pm. But there were some interesting cases. One young man had severe accelerated HBP from exhaustive campaigning and stress. One lady had angina, on FU in a public hospital and so I due ly referred her back to her own physician in Kajang. One male had chronic atrial fibrillation on schedule for an eye operation so I had to counsel him about Warfarin, and the last patient had two stents implanted by a colleague of mine 4 years ago and now has some atypical chest pains, which I felt needed further assessment, so I send him back with sme medication and a letter to his own cardiologist.
Quite an interesting morning. Busy though.

But we are sadden. What happen to MH 370?

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